Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sister Greeting Card

Three new items were added to the store. Once of which is a greeting card for that bound felt between friends who grow into sisters in a sense.  Hope that you all enjoy.

                                           Sister Greeting Card

Are you looking for a nice card that isn't over the top? Want something simple and nice to tell a close friend or sister how you feel.

Just a simple card to express the bound sisters and very close friends who are like sister.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Custom Event Invitations

So I have decided for my very first blog post that I will promote the services which I offer for making custom invitations.

                                                       Custom Event Invitations
Are you looking for a nice Wedding Invitation or Thank You Note that isn't over the top? Want something simple and nice with or without your pictures? That is low prim? That isn't going to break your bank than look no further. 

I make custom card style wedding invitations that include a nice particle effect when rezzed by the guest to give a little bit of extra flare. All your guests need to do is click on the invitation to receive a notecard with further wedding information as well as a landmark to the wedding. These invitations can be made to be copy and transfer.

Completely customizable with your wedding colors, I will show a handful of choice that you can pick from, all I need to know is the wedding colors and or theme. 

When you purchase this item, you will receive a box containing a thank you card That I made for my own wedding and a order form. Simply fill out the order form and send to me in-world.

All orders are filled within 24-48 hours of receipt of your form.